Monday, August 11, 2008

Toys I made for Neva

Meet Saxon, she was a ball of yarn until I knit her. I wanted to give Neva a doll that didn't have a big plastic head, when I came across this book I knew I had to make one:
I made her to look like Neva, with white hair and blue eyes. Some say she looks like Christina Aguilera in her "Dirty" days. I agree although that was not on purpose.

I did, for my own sake, give her some pink hair! I also made her a pretty purple dress and some undies. I continue to knit other dresses and accessories for her.


Here is the play kitchen Stuart and I made for Neva. I got the template off the internet for $5, we used recycled cardboard, contact paper and made the sink from a pie plate. It has been great so far, although she has been pretty rough on it, so we are looking in to making her another kitchen out of a recycled entertainment center.

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