Wednesday, August 13, 2008

160 Days left........

Thank God it's almost over!


Anonymous said...

Those were the good old days, 5% unemployment, economic expansion. Real leaders and not a boy king amateur hour in the White House like we have with Barry Sotero Obama.

More transparency - nope

No behind closed doors deal making with drug companies, lobbyists and
insurance companies - nope

New post racial world - nope

2016 olympics - nope

Universal health care - nope

Ending the war in Iraq - nope

Winning the "war of necessity" in Afghanistan - nope

Middle East Peace - nope

Climate bill - nope

Fix the economy - double nope

Earmark reform - nope

Lobbyists not have jobs in administration -nope

Bills online BEFORE signing- big fat nope

Thinks there are 57 states - yep

Picked a new dog - yep

Idiot cannot speak without a TelePrompTer- yep

Beer summit - yep

Blame Bush for everything - Yep

How is that Hopey Changey thingy working for you now ?

Not so good.

Anonymous said...


Don't tell Obama what comes after "trillion"