Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things to do:

My to-do list is ever expanding and with Stuart being home I thought I could pound it out. Well, Neva has a cold and Stuart has some stuff to do tomorrow, so I am not sure how much I can do. But here are my goals for tomorrow:

Things I will probably get done:
Make chicken soup (I made the broth today)
Wash diapers
Mail package to mom (will have Stu do)
Buy cable to hook up DVD player (will have Stu do)
Cancel milk delivery (this makes me very sad.... but we need to save $, if I only had a cow, or a goat......)

Want to do, may get done:
Hook up printer (hopefully, not sure where the software is)
Sew one felt cupcake for Neva's kitchen
Turn compost
Get a small piece of plastic to cover one dining chair so Neva doesn't ruin the fabric ( I know, bad memories of grandma's house)
Make plum fruit leather or plum bread, or both, but doubtful. If nothing else, cut and freeze all the plums before they go bad.

So there it is, lofty for a Wednesday with a sick kid, but we'll see..........

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