Thursday, July 31, 2008

Triathlon Countdown

4 days until my first triathlon! Woo Woo!! What!?!? Party girl turned triathlete? Well not totally but, sort of. Hey, I can be in shape and still have fun. My friend Lisa is a perfect testament to that! :)

I have been a training fool. Tonight is the "Stroke and Stride" at the Boulder Reservior. It's a 750 meter swim in open water and a 5k. Sadly my right heel has been preventing me from doing the run, so I have renamed it to the "Stroke and Slack". Tonight however Molly and I are doing a "Stroke and Ride", so a swim then on to our bikes (while practicing our transition) for a nice ride to her house. We are excited and feeling up to the race on Sunday!!

This whole working out thing is new to me, thanks to a few glasses of wine one night when I told Lisa I would start taking her Boot Camp class. Then hey, how about starting to swim again too. A few running drills in class, and VIOLA! A triathlete is born, I can use my cruiser in the race right?? Not exactly, but sweet Sara K. generously lends me her road bike and off I go.

Still can't believe I own a shirt with pockets in the back and a padded skort..... at least it's black.

Wish me luck!!

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sara said...

Woohoo! Rock on girl. You will do great...but it's really all about having fun, right?!
-Sara K.