Saturday, July 19, 2008

OOOHHHH!! My first blog!

OK, here I go... I have wanted to start a "blog" for a while now, for a few different reasons. Here are my top 3:

1. Now that I am a mother, my desire to document and archive my life with my family has become something I can no longer ignore. I love the idea of Neva being able to look back and see what our life was like and be able to catch a glimpse of who her mom is.

2. I use to journal when I was younger, and while I am sure I will censor myself a bit here, I wanted to have a place to share my thoughts with anyone who cares.

3. Our family all lives very far away so I thought this would be a fun place for them to see what we are up to.

So I guess I will start with today..... It is HOT, I mean 100* out, no humidity, but still HOT! I don't like being hot, anyone who spends any time with me knows that. A moment ago my sweet and psychic husband just brought me a nice cool glass of white wine. I know, I know, it's only 2:12 in the afternoon, but who cares, it sure is yummy!

Neva is sleeping, although I think starting to wake. She and her dad spend the morning playing in the dirt, gardening, and hanging out in the nice shady back yard. While I packed (more later on that) made buttermilk blueberry pancakes, did laundry, cleaned the house.

We are leaving this afternoon the spend 2 weeks house sitting at our BFF's house. We are beyond thrilled to be doing this for many reasons! Here's why...

1. They live in Boulder! Yeah for us. While we love our little 100 year old house here in Lafayette, it is a good 25 minutes to Boulder. Stuart often takes to bus to work and I sometimes drive him home. But I, on the other hand, go to Boulder MWF in the am to work out at the gym and often have to go back in the afternoon for a fun social event. This means that some day's I spend 2 hours in the car with Neva! Too much! So we are very excited to be close to everything and everyone we love the most. Not to mention the money we will be saving!

2. They live in a very cool house:

3. They live a little up the mountain so it will be cooler, and they have 2 small kids, this means all new toys to keep Neva busy!

So I am packing our life for 2 weeks, I know I can always come back to get something I forgot, but I really hope not to. Our neighbor Ruth will be watering the lawn and my tomato plants!

Well, I think I'll end here for the day, take a shower and load up the cars.

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