Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Great Escape

Last night we had our good friends Molly and Adam and their two kids over to The Box House for a bbq. Near the end of the visit I was standing in the living room with Adam asking if he has read my blog about the HUGE spiders we keep seeing outside, he says, "Like that one right there?" as he points to the corner next to the TV. I glanced, jumped, ran away, and did the little dance, as I had done before as described below in my "Creepy Crawly" post. The comforting part was that Adam was almost as equally freaked out as me. See, my husband Stuart is a rock, not much gets him worked up, except when I am loosing it. I'll admit it, my behavior is totally irrational and probably very annoying. So to see Adam, jumping around and looking itchy, I'll admit, it made me feel better, well not better, but less like a total fruit-loop.

When........"Oh my god, there is a baby spider coming out of the wall too!!" were the next words out of Adam's mouth, let's just say, I had our suitcases out and began to pack up. Meanwhile Stuart gets a huge metal snow shovel out of the garage, approaches the spiders, gets in to position, and takes a good wack at the wall, hard enough to hopefully kill them, but not enough to ruin the drywall. Sadly all I hear is "shit, they went back in to the wall". So I packed faster, and we arrived just in time to get Neva to bed.

It's good to be home.....

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