Wednesday, July 23, 2008

George Bush and Dollhouses

I sure wish George Bush agonized, obsessed, researched and lost sleep over his decision to invade Iraq like I am over figuring out which doll house to get for Neva. Not to compare war with childhood toys, but I am driving myself nuts over which one to get. Here are my 2 favorite choices:

Plan Toys Chalet:

The best part of this one is you can change the layout of the house, move walls and seperate it in to two different houses, which is a great feature when kids don't want to share. Although it looks like access is somewhat restricted due to the slanted roofs. I also like the price of this one, and it comes furnished.

Ryan's Room:

I love how big and accessible this one is. It is more traditional but has some cool add on's, like a garage with roof deck and various decorating choices. Once you get the house and furnish it, it is more expensive, but I like the openess of it so much more.

I get a little obsessed about decisions like this, not sure why, but I have spent way too much time on this one.

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