Sunday, July 20, 2008

Creepy Crawly

Neva and I arrived to "The Box House" around 6 pm last night. I got Neva out of her car seat and placed her on the sidewalk near the stairs leading up to the house as I got everything out of the car. While doing so, I heard, "bug, bug, bug", which Neva says whenever she sees anything that remotely resembles a bug, often not a bug at all. So I ignored her, got everything out, went to pick her up when I noticed her head was 2 inches away from the HUGEST spider I have ever seen in my life! Now, I have been known to exaggerate here and there while telling a story, in order to make it better, but seriously this thing was well over 2 inches long and thick! Anyone that knows me knows I am terrified of spiders, so I grab her and start running down the driveway, panting, sweating, swearing, and doing little jumpy things because I think my skin is covered in spiders. Then I noticed that Neva was horrified, about to cry, totally confused, and looking at me in terror. So I mustered up the fakest smile I could, told her I was ok as my voice shook, slowed my breathing, and counted the seconds until Stuart arrived so he could kill this monster on the steps.

I saw another one today while watering the lawn, this mountain living thing is not for me......

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